The question: Why is sand going back to the pool after backwashing the filter?


“Clear water ,ph ,chlorine level good.
I have an above ground pool with a sand filter. After I vacuum the pool I backwash I lose sand then I put on rinse to level the sand for about 30 sec. then back to normal run in filter mode and a blast of sand comes out. That does not seem normal is it?”

The answer:

Well if your swimming pool is new and you just recently put new sand in the filter then this might happen for a period of time until it stops.

In our experience we’ve seen this happen on most types of sand filters including in-ground pools and above ground pools, typically around the time that it is first set up or the stand is replaced.
During the backwashing cycle of the sand is stirred up a little bit because of the water flow is reversed so I would try delaying switching back to filter mode from the rinse cycle for at least 60 Seconds allowing the water and sand to settle before returning to filtration mode.
Otherwise it’s not a huge concern and it should lessen over time.
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