Pool & Spa Automation Systems

The days of walking through the bushes to flip a switch to turn on the hot tub bubbles or pool lights are over. These days we are spoiled with the luxury of technology that has found it’s way into the swimming pool industry.

best swimming pool automation controls systems

Enter “Automated Pool Controls” – The SMART Pool
Swimming pool automation refers to the type of control system that operates all of the pool equipment to function properly and on schedules, plus a few other nice features.

New swimming pool owners now have more options at affordable prices than ever before. Imagine having the ability to change the mood and atmosphere of a pool gathering with the push of a button – on your phone or pc.

History: Pool & Spa Automation Controls

When backyard pools first became popular and affordable for home owners to install the availability of equipment control products were limited.

Most swimming pools in the early days (50s & 60s) primarily relied on manual switches to operate, such as a light switch. Having the pool was nice in those days, but eventually the desire for better functionality became a top priority.

After swimming pools became popular to install and more people could afford them some big names entered into the industry to help manufacture products to make the pool owner’s life much easier and fun.

Analog & Motor Driven

old style intermatic swimming pool controller

The first versions of pool control setups were based on the analog old school sprinkler timer type, such as a motor driven dual cam-lock timer. This type of setup would still require additional manual switches to control certain parts of the pool equipment.

Digital (PCB) Controllers – These became popular in the late 90s to around 2005 – 2006 and offered more flexibility to control more equipment all in one box with the advantage of having an indoor wired display panel. These systems still have some limitations when compared to what is available today such as having to walk to the control box outside when service was needed.

Digital Wireless Control – As PCB based pool controllers advanced in functionality the demand for controlling the pool without having to walk around the corner or back into the house was all the hype. Improvements to the digital pool controllers allowed for 2.4ghz hand held controllers that made life much simpler for pool owners.

Today – pool owners are having fun with the latest technology for operating their pools. With so many advancements in all categories: led pool lighting, variable speed pool pumps, valve actuators, all combined into one affordable pool & spa equipment package.

So let’s take a deeper look at how much more efficient and easy it is to operate a swimming pool by using automation.

Benefits: Pool Automation Controllers

Imagine being able to open an app on your phone from anywhere you are, knowing you will be home in about 1hr, you can setup the hot tub to be ready for you when you get there – wouldn’t that be cool!

best options for swimming pool controllers automation

Not only that, but imagine that you have color changing led pool lights and your landscape lighting connected to the system – now you are making an impression and setting the right mood at your whim.

Here are some of the major benefits of having a modern pool & spa automation control system in 2019 and beyond.

  • Built in app for all devices
  • Controls the equipment & valves for you
  • Can monitor chemicals & saline levels (if applicable)
  • Can automatically ADJUST chemicals
  • Can keep water at proper level at all times
  • Manage all schedules for any device anywhere, anytime
  • Turn on the pool lights while you are away
  • Integrate the pool controls with the home automation
  • Alexa Home & Amazon Echo integration, control your pool with your voice
  • Connect other systems to automation: landscape lights, electrical outlets,

Note: Existing pools can be retro fitted for these systems – update your pool equipment today!

At the end of the day, having a pool with automated controls just makes your pool ownership much easier and fun.

Big Names: Swimming Pool Automation

Swimming pools are now so popular that among the top 3 pool product manufactures are new competitors in the category. Big names in the business means these systems have been developed and improved over time.

  • Hayward Pool Products
    Hayward pool automation control systems
  • Zodiac Pool Systems
    Zodiac pool automation control systems
  • Pentair Pool & Spa
    pentair swimming pool automation control systems

Take your pick between the 3 and try to stay away from lesser known upcoming brands. The 3 manufactures listed above posses the necessary research and development + manufacturing facilities of these automation systems with solid backed warranties.

The pool control automation systems created by these companies offer even more features than any before:

  • WIFI integration
  • Web browser interface
  • Expandable bays & upgrades
  • Updates firmware automatically via internet
  • Watch-phone controls
  • Auto pool chemical dispensers
  • Error log export functions
  • Pool Tech login access for trouble shooting
  • Can send automated alerts to pool owner & pool tech for faster reaction time to potential problems

Existing pools – You can upgrade your entire swimming pool control & equipment set with a fully automated system. These systems can save you lots of money in the long run while reducing noise and bringing new life to your pool.

If you are considering owning a swimming pool we hope this information was valuable. Go out and learn about the 3 top pool automation manufactures we mentioned above and make sure to tell the local pool company what system is best for you!

swimming pool automation controller options

Imagine the possible combinations: 

  • On demand LED pool light color selections
  • LED illuminated cascade bubblers
  • Control your landscape lighting system
  • Control mosquito systems, and holiday lighting
  • Keep the pool at perfect temp all the time

The best part about swimming pool automation is having more time and more fun at the pool with your family.

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Pentair swimming pool controller automation easytouch system
The 4 Relay Pool+Spa EXPERT Automation Bundle includes the Pentair EasyTouch 520538 4 Relay Load Center for Pool and Spas, and the Pentair 522104 ScreenLogic Interface and Connection Kit. Once installed this kit will give you full control of your pool and spa wherever you are; from your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac.

image 8990095 11269014


Hayward Omnilogic pool control system 4-Relay Base Panel bundle
The Hayward OmniLogic allows pool owners to control every aspect of their pool from nearly anywhere. Build up to 25 customizable themes to create the romantic ambience or a lively pool party, all in the palm of your hand. This elite automation system accommodates salt chlorination, LED lighting, chemical automation, as well as wired and wireless remotes to control your backyard paradise.

image 8990095 11269014