How to get a New Inground Pool

Although best answered by a qualified swimming pool contractor in your local area, we can explain the most common documents you will need to get that new pool in your backyard.

Before you begin, make sure you have an established budget for a new pool

Budgeting New Pool Construction

So you have made the decision to install a swimming pool – GREAT! Right?

how to get a new swimming pool

The budget will determine what type of swimming pool and features you may be able to afford. When calling upon pool builders to get bids you may find it tough if you don’t know what your total budget will be. There are some places online that you may be able to find examples of swimming pool designs by price ranges.

Swimming pools offer many customization options and materials ranging from basic industry standards to performance level quality.

cost of swimming pool design features

Spend as much as you like on a new pool, just remember that the return on investment reflects mostly in your lifestyle and health – so make sure that you are going to use it accordingly!

you should know the budget BEFORE calling for quotes.

Type of In-ground Pools

Depending on the budget you can have access to installing 3 types of inground swimming pools. You have options and each type of in-ground pool has it’s own set of pros & cons.

types of inground pools vinyl liner
Vinyl Liner Pool
types of inground swimming pools gunite concrete
Gunite / Concrete Pool
types of inground swimming pools fiberglass
Fiberglass Pool
  • Gunite (Concrete) – strongest & longest lasting swimming pool structures but may need more attention & repairs after 10 years.
  • Fiberglass Shell – Second in strength to gunite these are affordable options but limited in design shapes and sizes.
  • Vinyl Liner Inground – Being the most affordable option for an inground pool but with the highest rate of repairs over time.

Documents & Things You Will Need

documents needed to install new swimming pool

Once you complete the first part, establishing the budget, there will be a couple of important documents that pool companies are going to need to look at in order to properly design your new pool.

Even though some pool contractors are able to render a swimming pool design to an approximate scale without these documents, providing these will greatly improve the accuracy of the quotes you receive and will help you to determine if the bids are all based on the exact same backyard layout.

  1. Property Survey / Plat Plan – will need to be the most recent and should be the version signed by the county. The best delivery method for this document is a PDF file to preserve the original scale and high resolution.
  2. HOA Application – if you expect an accurate quote for a new pool it would be smart to provide the bidding contractors with a copy of the community building guidelines so that they can review any special restrictions or challenges with the HOA app.
  3. Design & Features List – Be sure to include a list of features & items you would like to see incorporated with the pool design such as a waterfall or adding attached hot tub, etc. The fulfillment of this list will depend on the max budget and you may not get everything you wanted due to cost of construction but you need to make sure the pool designer understands what you want. Check out some helpful info on swimming pool features & accessories
  4. City Permit (if applicable) – In most cities (within the city limits) a permit is required to install an inground swimming pool. If you are located in the city limits ask your city permitting department about a swimming pool permit. Consult with the pool companies you contact to see if it will be your obligation to secure a city permit or if they will do that for you.

property survey example for install new swimming pool

At the end of the day – you need to be ready before calling pool companies for a new pool quote. The most important things to get ready for buying a new inground pool are knowing the max budget before you call (know what you can afford), create a list of desired features and items to be included, property survey / plat plan, HOA app, city permitting info.

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