Above ground pool water flow

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      I have a small 2100 gallon pool (IPOOl)
      It came with an intex 1000 GPH Filter PUMP.
      In regards to heating the pool, Ipool recommends a Haywood electric heater (11kw 220 volt)
      It was also recommended to upgrade the pump to a 2500 GPH pump (though the 1000 gph pump would be at the low end of the approved specs for the GPH for the Haywood heater.

      The pool has a smaller 1 inch output/inlet. The Haywood Heater recommends a 1 1/2 house. My question is 2 fold. Will the smaller inlet and outlet hole put a strain on the 2500 GPH filter/pump and heater (forcing 2500 GPH through the smaller hole). If yes would the slower 1000 GPH pump put a strain on the heater, since it moves slower over the heating element.


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      Your Pool Help

      Go with the smaller GPH pump. Or, even better, go with a variable speed.

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      I guess the other option would be to cut out the inlet/outlet attachments and replace them with larger (1.5 inch) connectors.
      Have you done this on a final pool. Should I be concerned about leaks with a screw on replacement kit.

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