What Pool Design Features Are Right For Me?

You’re doing ityou’re building your dream pool! And it’s going to be everything you’ve ever imagined it would be and more! But before it can come into fruition, there are some pool design features that you may need and want to consider before the building (and budget) begins.

1. Waterfalls

waterfall swimming pools

Of course we have to open with the showstoppers! Are you looking to wow future visitors when they see your pool for the first time (or eightieth time)? Is the goal with your pool to be the coolest kid on the block? If you answered yes to either of the aforementioned rhetorical questions, then a waterfall *cue jazz hands* is for you, my friend!

There are many different types of waterfalls to choose from, and no one is better than another. When you visualize your dream pool in your mind, do you see a raised level in your spa (wait, that’s coming next) with the water being pushed over into the pool? Or do you see a raised wall with water streaming out in maybe a sheet?

Do some research and even watch a few videos comparing and contrasting the types of waterfalls available and see which captures your interest the most. Oh also, not only are waterfalls mega attractive to look at, they also provide an element of sound that can really bring life to your pool. Waterfalls create an oasis out of a backyard.

2. Spas & Hot Tubs

spas for swimming pools

If you’re still here, hello! Let’s talk spas! There are many choices when it comes to spas as well. (Are you seeing the reoccurring theme in the pool building game with the choices a plenty?) The spa with the most possibilities is a gunite spa. It’s basically a pool, only smaller. Gunite spas can be built into your pool or on its own.

While some of you may argue that spas are the real showstopper, it comes in the number 2 spot solely because they’re take it or leave it. Again close your eyes and imagine your pool. Do you see a spa included? If so, continue reading. If not, skip ahead to number

These spas can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have an unlimited amount of detail options. These are typically an extension of your pool and can provide a beautiful water feature into your pool. They can also share the same filtration and heating system as your pool. It’s a two-fer!

3. Water Features

water features swimming poo

Now I know I’ve already pitched waterfalls (and it was a great pitch, was it not?) but let’s talk about some other water features that can bring your pool to the next level. Now the list is exceptionally long when it comes to the amount of water features there are to choose from (I mean, are we shocked? That is the pool building game after all.).

There are fountains, water walls, bubblers, jets, rain curtains, sheer descents, and even more. Do some research and ask your pool building company what water features can be worked into your pool. Be mindful that not all water features can be incorporated into your pool, so make a list of a few that you like and share them with your builder.

They’ll be the most knowledgeable when it comes to which water features can be included into your design and which can’t. Regardless of which water features fiddle your fancy, they can all add some character and unique personality to your dream pool.

4. Sun Shelves / Beach Entry

pool sun ledge

Are you daydreaming of sun tanning on a beach chair partially submerged into your pool? If you are nodding your head in agreeance, you are leaning towards adding a sun shelf into your pool design. Sun shelfs are typically around 5-8 inches deep and provide the perfect area for your littles to splash and play safely.

Do you have water happy pets? If so, a sun shelf is the perfect depth for them to enjoy some fun in the sun! Sun shelf scan also double as a tanning bed. Whatever you dream of using yours for, sun shelfs can add a lot of extra enjoyment to your pool. While a sun shelf sounds amazing, perhaps you’re looking for a more seamless entrance into your pool where the walkway just seems to end and the water begins.

Well of course that’s an option your pool builder can make a reality. Beach entry pools have gradual slopes into the water that are kid-friendly and pet-friendly as well. Younger kids can splash and play safely in the shallow water of your beach entry pool while you relax nearby. Both sun shelfs and beach entry pools provide safe, additional features to your pool that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

5. Lighting the Pool

led pool lights

Want to set the mood? Add some light features to your pool and/or spa to incorporate some ambiance and visual enjoyment. Besides the obvious addition of being able to see inside the pool when it is dark outside, pool lighting can also increase your overall appearance of your backyard. When it comes to pool lighting, there are a few rules of thumb to remember:

  1. You always need more than one light feature.
  2. Pool interior liner color will affect any light feature you choose.
  3. Have lights installed facing away from people’s eyes.

If you have a bar or pergola with seating, install your lights on the walls closest to those areas. Your pool builder will be able to share all sorts of lighting options with you that will add value and charm to your dream pool.

6. Easy Pool Maintenance

floor cleaning pool system

Another great pool design feature that often goes unremembered is the in- floor cleaning system. Would you love to have a pool that cleaned itself so it is always swim- ready? If so, this feature is for you.

In-floor cleaning systems are installed flush with the bottom of your pool and are there to replace the “pool robot” and vacuum hoses from hogging quality swimming space in your pool. These systems can be customized for any specific pool no matter the size or shape and are working non-stop behind the scenes to keep your pool clean. Need that in your life? Let your pool builder know!

Swimming pool dreams become reality everyday! Isn’t this fun?!

Aren’t the limitless options invigorating? After you’ve done your fair share of research and made a list of pool design features that peak your interest, share your thoughts with your pool builder. Remember that not all pools can handle all of these features, so go in with an open mind! Your dream pool is ready to be extra; are you?

The design of your own swimming pool is a fun aspect of the swimming pool construction process. Before all of the hard work can begin you should spend enough time considering the details that will go into your backyard design.

This article is brought to you by a custom pool builder in Spring, TX with over 20 years of experience.

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