The price range for an in-ground pool can vary, depending on factors such as who is installing, what state you live in, and the type of pool – plus a lot of other things.

Not knowing what factors go into the total cost for a new swimming pool can make it challenging to get an idea of the amount of pool (or backyard) you will be able to get with your budget.

That is why it is sometimes easier to browse swimming pool examples by their price ranges.

Most custom inground pool price ranges from $29,000 and up. There are few pools of the same type that cost less than this, but these are tiny pools of size far smaller than the average.


“Swimming Pools by Price Is a swimming pool right for me? Can I afford a swimming pool? – Do you find yourself asking these questions? Keep reading to learn how much pool you can get for the buck, and what goes into building them that seems so darn expensive – some would say.”
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