Whether you have recently acquired an old pool with a home purchase, or have been with the same backyard design for many years you really should consider updating, or at least keeping up with it.

An old pool can still look as good as the day it was first installed if the owner takes good care, makes repairs when needed, and restores certain things that break down over time.

Swimming Pool Restorations vs Remodeling

Sometimes these phrases can get interchanged, and some people think they mean the same thing: pool restoration / pool remodeling.

Although close, they mean different things. Some parts of a swimming pool you can restore to “like new” condition, while remodeling encompasses design, material replacements – restoration typically does not include any demo as remodeling would.

“In this article we will be providing some general knowledge and advice for swimming pool restoration projects. How a restoration is different from a pool remodeling project, but may involve some of the same tasks or related pool services. Specifically we will be talking about gunite swimming pools that are in-ground.”
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