Here Are Some Of The Best Apps to Help You With Your Swimming Pool and Backyard amenities.

Today, you’ll find that there is an app for nearly everything. As a pool owner, whether a fiberglass pool, vinyl liner, or concrete pool there are dozens of apps that can help you with everything from controlling pool lighting, to maintaining your pool, to just having fun. There are hundreds of apps that you can choose from, but for your convenience, we have made a list of the seven most useful apps for pool owners.

Here are seven apps that you may consider using if you’re a pool owner.

  1. Nimbus Pool Doctor

Are you looking for an app that can help you with pool maintenance? Nimbus Pool Doctor allows you to adjust the levels of chlorine, salt, bromine, alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and even cyanuric acid in your fiberglass pool. You’ll also be able to configure ideal ranges as well as chemicals that are used to treat swimming pools.

The Nimbus Pool Doctor provides results as well as explanations in pounds, grams, kilograms, ounces, gallons, liters, and even number of scoops. You can also easily change the units you’re working with, with just a push of a button. The Nimbus Pool Doctor app provides support for regular pool water as well as salt water. Even bromine pools are supported. You’ll be able to see readings that are relevant to the type of pool you have.

This means that you don’t have to worry about getting confused. Nimbus Pool Doctor is at present only available for Apple devices and not Android devices.

  1. Swimming Pool Learning

If you want an app that assists you with caring for your swimming pool, then swimming pool learning can be perfect for you. Through this app, you’ll find links to everything you may need to know about pool care. You’ll find links to websites, YouTube videos, podcasts, and other resources that are helpful. You will also find calculators that assist you with the chemical dosage, as well as the pool volume.

The content available in this app is constantly developing, and the app developers keep it up to date. It’s also a highly rated app.

  1. Pooli

Pooli is an excellent app if you’re looking for an app that helps you with pool maintenance. Pooli will use the camera on your phone or your tablet to scan your test strip. Then it does the necessary calculations and lets you know what pool chemicals you need to add to your pool.

The Pooli app can also do price shopping for you, and you’ll be linked to the lowest priced item. It will also let you know which chemical can be shipped to you within a few days. Once the chemicals arrive, Pooli will provide you with detailed instructions on what you should add, how much of it, and in what order. The Pooli app is free to use. You don’t have to worry about ads or in-app purchases. It’s also very highly rated on Google Play as well as the App Store.

  1. SwimUp

Do you want to learn how to swim in your fiberglass pool? Then the SwimUp app can be perfect for you. You’ll get training plans that are personalized to meet your needs. You’ll also get smart analytics, as well as the opportunity to learn swimming theory. You’ll also be able to track your swimming and see how you’ve progressed.

The SwimUp app also has a digital library that provides swimming exercises. It also has educational videos and can provide you with details of exercises as well. You can also integrate your SwimUp app into your Apple Watch. This allows you to track time, pulse, as well the number of ark strokes you’re using.

  1. Calm

Your swimming pool perth can be an excellent place to relax. You can take a nap there or even spend time meditating. The Calm app can help you achieve rest and relaxation in your fiberglass swimming pool.

The Calm app is ideally suited to helping people sleep, meditate and relax. You can use the Calm app to experience better sleep by your fiberglass swimming pool. You can also lower your stress, experience less anxiety, and find ways to enjoy the tranquility. There are guided meditations that you can take advantage of as well if you want to meditate next to your fiberglass pool.

You can also make use of their Sleep Stories feature or their breathing programs, relaxing music, as well as stretching exercises. Calm is also an app that is recommended by many therapists, psychologists, as well as mental health practitioners.

  1. MySwimPro

Do you want a swimming app that also doubles as a swimming coach for you? The MySwimPro app was named the ‘App of the Year’ by Apple. You’ll be able to swim faster, become stronger, as well as improve your swimming techniques with the help of this app. You can also get training programs that are personalized to you, as well as workouts. Enjoy your analytics as well, and do drills that you get on your smartphone or watch.

The MySwimPro app is a top app for swimmers. You’ll be able to transform your training program with workouts that are between fifteen minutes to an hour-long. You can make use of weekly calendars, as well as tutorial videos that can enable you to train yourself better. Both beginners, as well as experienced swimmers, can benefit from downloading the MySwimPro app.

  1. How to BBQ Right

When it comes to barbecue, Malcolm Reed is a well-known name. He is a pitmaster and the owner of the site ‘’. There, he provides grilling recipes. He has also won many awards at barbecue competitions over the years. Also, he makes all his recipes available on his free app, ‘How to BBQ Right’.

The app is updated every week with new recipes from Malcolm Reed. Learn recipes for ribs, chicken, brisket and pork. Then use these recipes to eat delicious food at your backyard barbecue by your stunning fiberglass pool.


These seven apps can help you to enjoy your fiberglass pool even more. Use these apps to get help with pool maintenance, exercise in your pool, and more.



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