Looking for the best tools for pool skimmers?

Emptying your pool skimmer basket is typically a dreaded chore and can be potentially dangerous and scary. It’s impossible to know what could be lurking just under the skimmer lid or in your skimmer basket. Many pool owners have found spiders, snakes, bees, bunnies, scorpions, lizards and more. What have your found in your in your skimmer basket?

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No fear, no hassle pool skimmer baskets

The patented EZ Pool Cinch was invented to make emptying your pool skimmer basket safer and easier. It gives your skimmer lid a handle and basket a harness to suspend your skimmer basket for easy emptying. No need to kneel down to lift the lid and reach down to pull out the skimmer basket.

Importantly, it was designed to give you distance from pests so that you do not have to worry about getting stung or bitten by anything you may encounter under the lid or in the basket. Whether you empty your basket once a week or once a day, the EZ Pool Cinch will make it easier and safer for you.

EZ Pool Cinch also works great for anyone with mobility issues being you do not have to kneel down to pull your skimmer basket out. It takes just minutes to easily pull out and empty your skimmer basket.


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EZ Pool Cinch