Your pool is what it’s made of

Dave at Your DIY Pool Plans explains in detail:

  • What is gunite?
  • Is gunite different than shotcrete or concrete?
  • Why do people say gunite is the best way to build a new pool?

… and much more in this 2000 word article that pretty much answers all of your gunite swimming pool questions.

what is the definition of gunite shotcrete for swimming pools


We hear a lot of people ask this question, even people who have pools may understand that gunite is ‘like concrete‘ – but not. In short, gunite is a form of cementitious material used to create swimming pools, and is used in large part as the preferred method to installing an in-ground swimming pool that can last a very long time.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How much does gunite cost per yard, or by the truck load?
  • How many yards of gunite fit into one truck?

… this article answers all that and other things a pool contractor won’t tell ya.

how gunite is used to make a swimming pool

Think you’re saving a lot of money if considering a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool? Think again!

Read the full article here:


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