Gunite, Shotcrete, Concrete – What great pools are made of

Gunite concrete specifications

Your pool is what it’s made of

Dave at Your DIY Pool Plans explains in detail:

  • What is gunite?
  • Is gunite different than shotcrete or concrete?
  • Why do people say gunite is the best way to build a new pool?

… and much more in this 2000 word article that pretty much answers all of your gunite swimming pool questions.


We hear a lot of people ask this question, even people who have pools may understand that gunite is ‘like concrete‘ – but not. In short, gunite is a form of cementitious material used to create swimming pools, and is used in large part as the preferred method to installing an in-ground swimming pool that can last a very long time.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How much does gunite cost per yard, or by the truck load?
  • How many yards of gunite fit into one truck?

… this article answers all that and other things a pool contractor won’t tell ya.

Think you’re saving a lot of money if considering a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool? Think again!

Read the full article here:



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