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Owning a swimming pool is an exciting thought if you have never personally owned one. However, figuring out how to install a pool leads to some more challenging problem solving right at the start. Here are some points for those looking at purchasing a swimming pool. For most types of pools these considerations apply.

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Asking the Questions

The process is a bit like:

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Finding the Answers

If you are reading this that means you are using the #1 resource at your service – yourpoolhelp website. There are a few other online resources who can give you straight answers, but not many. Although we, and other related websites can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, kind of a guide to owning a swimming pool – we cannot build the pool for you, sorry, but we can find a quality local pro in your area.

To get the most accurate design details and pricing you will need to interview the swimming pool contractors in your local area. So, now we have a new challenge – find a reputable local swimming pool company near me.


How to find quality local pool company

We work with approved swimming pool contractors from around the United States. They contribute with providing services to our subscribers. Our database is populated with swimming pool companies that are approved for quality and certification requirements.

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Here are a couple of tips from:

Ask specific questions about what type of pool they had built, when they started and when it was completed. Inquire about how the pool construction process was throughout the length of the project, and what happened when there was a weather delay. If they can answer the questions quickly without hesitation then they could possibly be a credible source. None the less, always trust your gut feeling!

Another small measure that one could take is to check with the APSP for active membership and roles. Above all things do not move too quickly when you are wanting to build a new custom pool. Since there are so many amazing customization options and water features available these days, take the time to fully understand how the swimming pool system works, and what can be done with the materials.

Ask if the company will provide continued services after the completion of the project. After completing you will need to have a pool service company make regular visits to keep it clean and safe.

Source: Read the full article here: Finding a swimming pool contractor


Before Interviewing Pool Companies

First of all, make sure to not call a pool company with a bad website, and if they don’t show many results on a Google search (search the company name) – you may want to weed those guys out.

If a swimming pool company has many online profiles and reviews it means they have done business well, and are worth interviewing but there are things that you need to have ready first before you start making appointments.

Before calling pool companies for designs / quotes you need:

    • Know your budget, and include a buffer of $10,000 extra minimum.
    • Make sure you have the most recent property survey plan to scale, and make copies of it or have it a PDF file.
    • Level your expectations, you will get what you can afford and that is why you should start knowing your budget.
    • Use our company locator service and ask your neighbors for referrals and call 4 companies that seem to initially qualify.

We hope this article has been helpful if you plan on having a pool or a swimming pool owner. Our goal is to provide you with information and tools for the whole industry to be successful.

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