CREATIVE FEATURES & EFFECTS An in-ground swimming pool is not custom without them, and you know you want cool features.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular swimming pool customization, features, and accessories in this article we show you how to put a creative edge on a traditional swimming pool design.

custom inground pool upgrade features accessories

Swimming Pool Features & Effects

New products on the market allow us to combine water and fire to create some of the most dramatic backyard effects. Your custom swimming pool can be configured to have water shoot up in the air and come down as rain, curtain, sheets, arc descents or arc rainfall.

The way you want to configure these and other effects could border from “really cool” to spectacular. The waterfalls can be as wide or are narrow as you wish. Or the waters falling as curved or as straight.

Pool Lighting

Swimming pool lighting to make your backyard turn into a whole new world at night. In the old days pools used halogen lighting. And some pool owners may still want that. However, more owners are using LED lights to light their pools.

These lights use less energy and last 30,000 hours.  That means you are not changing bulbs and keeping more money in your pocket. LED lights can be manipulated to change colors and give your pool a truly special effect, especially when swimming at night.

Pool Design Features & Functionality

The amount and types of swimming pool features you want will depend on your budget for the project. When it comes to the customization of swimming pools there is no real limit to the possibility of design configurations and custom features or accessories to be implemented.

We offer a wide range of pool features that are affordable, and when combined will truly give your pool a signature style. Depending on the “theme” of your design concept you can get an idea of features or upgrades such as:

Tropical Features:

    • Cabanas & Tiki Huts
    • Palapas & Shade Covers
    • Waterfalls & Weeping Rocks
    • Grottos & Caves

Traditional Features:

    • Bathing Shelves / Tan Ledge
    • Diving Boards
    • Deck Jets (Pencil Jets)
    • Aerators (Fan Sprayer)
    • Sheet of Water (Sheer Descent)

Modern Features:

    • Vanishing Edge (Negative Edge Pool Wall)
    • Glass Pool Tiles
    • Swim-Up Bar / Wet Bar

Your decision on customized water features and effects should be under the consultation of a professional swimming pool builder.

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