Swimming Pool Construction Terminology

If you have never owned a swimming pool; builders may speak a language that you do not understand yet! Let’s get you up to speed so everyone is speaking the same terminology when it comes to swimming pool construction.

  • Area = the square footage measurement of the amount of flat space the pool takes up in the yard, also used for concrete decks, and also known as “Surface area”.
  • Pool Capacity = The measurement of volume, the amount of water the pool will hold.
  • Beam = the top of the shell of the swimming pool around the perimeter where the tile and stone will go.
  • Perimeter = measure the length of the beam from the top down from point A back to point A.
  • Break = the point at which the pool depth changes and begins to slope
  • Weep holes = the holes at the bottom of the pool before it’s finished with the interior are used for allowing water to pass under the pool so it does not shift during construction when there is no water weighting it down.
  • Notch = A method of recessing the shell structure for a more seamless installation of tile and stone materials.
  • Spillway = The opening at water level where the raised spa spills into the pool.
  • Footing = In places where the bottom of the pool floor or the decking needs to be substantially reinforced, usually due to pools or decks that are elevated from the ground level.
  • Gunite = a form of concrete that can be applied using high pressure and molded into almost any shape. Gunite is typically harder than poured concrete reaching about 4,000 psi and is more resilient to cracking.

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