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Swimming Pool Interior Finishes

When it comes to the finishing touches of a swimming pool installation, the plaster, also called the pool interior will set the final tone. When installed correctly by a certified applicator, the surfaces should last without any issues for over 10 years.

Your Pool Builder of Texas Conroe Project 2

Within the swimming pool industry there are standards. One standard is a pool interior material called “Marcite Pool Plaster”. Marcite is known to have major disadvantages to premium finishes due to the lack of quartz or other fine aggregate materials included in the batch.

standard white pool plaster finishes

“It’s a no-brainer, with all of the problems we hear about standard pool plaster, we have completely switched over to premium finishes even on our bottom line pool prices. Wet-Edge is affordable, lasts longer, has a superior warranty. Our customers love it.”

So what is Wet-Edge Pool Finish and what makes it so great? Here is a video from the manufacture that explains their difference.

As it turns out, many pool builders may be choosing Wet-Edge Pool Finishes as a standard in their pool projects. Just look at how beautiful the water looks with this type of pool finish.

Your Pool Builder of Texas Conroe Project 4

Everyone can appreciate a great feeling colorful pool interior. These finishes make the pool even more inviting on a hot summer day.

– Here is what Your Pool Builder has to say on his blog about Wet Edge pool plaster surfaces:

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