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Our purpose is to provide and syndicate information based on the activities in the swimming pool industry. Helping consumers find quality pool services and pool companies ways to reach those potential clients.
pool design shapes considerations

Deep on which end of the pool?

Wondering where to design the deep end of the pool? If you're are thinking about a new custom in-ground swimming pool you may have a...
how much does it cost to build an inground pool in texas

Pools By Price Range

The price range for an in-ground pool can vary, depending on factors such as who is installing, what state you live in, and the...

Give your pool an overhaul!

Whether you have recently acquired an old pool with a home purchase, or have been with the same backyard design for...
swimming pool filter parts and repair

Does your pool have hidden damages?

As a pool owner you are always hoping there is nothing wrong with the pool, after all it costs money anytime something does break...
green swimming pool drain cleaning

How to Clean a Green pool or spa

Green Swimming Pools are not fun. Here are our Green Pool Service Tips on How to turn a green pool blue again. A nice...
swimming pool filter parts

Cleaning your Pool Filters

How to clean your swimming pool filters. At the center of your swimming pool plumbing system & equipment is a very key component, the...
best outdoor patio furniture for pool area

Patio Furniture for Salt Water Pools

Patio Furniture for Salt Water Swimming Pools If you own a pool, how many times have you replaced your outdoor patio / pool area furniture?...
Builder Outdoor Lighting Packages

Outdoor Lighting Custom Elements

Outdoor accent lighting is a multi-functional tool used to create an effect that makes homes and backyard landscapes come alive at night. A custom-designed...
gunite swimming pool construction diagrams drawing engineering

Pool Construction Terms

Swimming Pool Construction Terminology If you have never owned a swimming pool; builders may speak a language that you do not understand yet! Let's get...

Adjusting swimming pool in bad weather

Correcting the pool water after the storm Is your pool under the weather? If you’ve experienced less-than-perfect weather, your pool is bound...

Shipping Container Pools

Are you intrigued with re-purposed shipping containers? Shipping container pools are generating interest, and not just with the DIY crowd. For homes with limited...

Featured San Antonio Pool Contractors

Custom Pool Builders San Antonio TX A custom swimming pool builder with over 30 years experience builds new pools with luxury in mind. Offering creative...
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Swimming Pool Remodeling, Repair & Restoration

In Conroe, TX there is a pool renovation company updating old swimming pools - Pool Remodeling Trends 2018 "Sometimes the pool does not look the way...