Five Steps for Creating the Perfect Summer-Prepped Pool

Our pools can bring our families endless joy, especially during the summer. However, we need to take care of our systems and stay on top of safety and storage. Make sure you’re prepared for the coming months to keep your pool in good condition and your family protected.

Storing Pool Toys, Floats, and Noodles


There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to go for a dip and not being able to find whatever it is you need — a towel, a float for lounging, goggles, or any other gear — which is why it’s prudent to store everything together.

Pool Equipment Storage


Baskets grouped in the garage or storage shed can ensure toys stay neat and tidy, and a sideways palette or netting is perfect for gangly noodles.


Of course, without some good organization, our storage areas can quickly be overrun, so put in shelving or bolt baskets to the wall to keep them stationary. You can stack bins off to one side or even create tracks on the ceiling to hang them. Decide what will work best for your layout, and don’t leave toys lying around the edges of the pool.


Keeping the Kids Safe


Swimming Pool Safety Fences, Gates and Barriers

As fun as they are, pools are dangerous for children, which is why you need to be proactive about security. If you don’t have one, install a barrier, preferably a fence that locks, around the pool, and be sure it’s at least four feet tall to discourage climbing. A pool alarm that goes off when children enter the area can be an excellent addition, as can removing stairs when the pool is not in use.


There are even electronic pool covers that will deter a stray child or animal from taking a dip when they are not meant to. Above all, teach your children to swim, and instill in them the necessity of not entering the pool without an adult present.

Some of the most popular and effective ways to protect children around the pool and still look nice are:

  • Removable pool fences
  • Automatic pool covers
  • Pool net covers

Proper Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We all know that pools should be cleaned regularly, but what does that entail? Yes, we need to keep our levels of chlorine or salt balanced, yet there is more to be done. You have to be certain your pump and filter are cleaned and functioning optimally, as well as skim the top whenever you notice something floating in it.

One thing that most pool owners may not think about is how a pool equipment enclosure can extend the lifetime of their pool pumps and other items on the pool equipment pad. Some of the best ways to protect pool equipment:

  • pool equipment covers
  • pool equipment shed


Likewise, walls should be scrubbed twice a week to prevent mold growth, and the area should be vacuumed at least every other day. You can do so manually, or purchase an automated version to make your life easier.

Rescue Equipment You Need for a Pool


Think of all the things you see at a public pool, and consider adding them to your own for safety. This is extra important if you have children or a senior citizen in your home.

If so, it is wise to get a rescue tube and ring buoy at the very least, along with a shepherd’s crook, a tool to assist rescuing someone drowning without endangering yourself. That way, should an emergency arise, you will be ready to take action in a split second.

Make a Swimming Pool Area Inspection Checklist


Before using your pool, always perform a visual inspection for safety. Having a checklist is a helpful tool to hit every point each time, so laminate one to protect it and have it ready by the pool.

It should include bullet points like being sure that all pathways are clear of objects to avoid tripping and that the fencing is closed after use. Little things are easy to overlook, so protect yourself and your household by being adequately prepared.

  • Pool areas during the day & night
  • Walking paths are clear
  • Daily upkeep tasks
  • Weekly pool cleaning

While having fun and staying cool are integral aspects of owning a pool, so is appropriate maintenance. That means storing your goods, ensuring each child’s safety, and making certain the pool area remains clean at all times.


After all, as much as it is a privilege to have a pool, it’s just as much a duty to keep it in excellent shape and safe to enjoy.

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