Cases for buying A Fiberglass Pool


Owning a swimming pool opens you up to a whole new world of health and happiness. You can just imagine yourself lounging in a pool chair with a drink hanging in your relaxed arms.


But before you become a proud new pool owner, there’s one question you have to ask yourself.


“What kind of pool should I buy?”


There are concrete pools, vinyl pools, and fiberglass pools.


While each type of pool has its advantages, fiberglass pools lead the way in aesthetics, convenience, practicality, and economy.


How so?


Well, this article will outline 12 of the best reasons why you should join millions of others and buy a fiberglass pool.

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Reason #1: They’re Beautiful


Fiberglass pools can do what vinyl and concrete cannot. Due to the special nature of fiberglass pools, they come in several different varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, and features. Modern fiberglass pools look gorgeous, have gorgeous features to attach onto them, and make everything around them look gorgeous as well. There’s almost no competition.


Fiberglass Pools come with customizable tanning ledges, poolside walls, spas and splash pads, waterfalls and deck jets, waterline tiles, and phenomenal gel-coat colors.


Reason #2: Super Fast Installations


Vinyl pools require specific temperatures to be set. Concrete requires accommodating weather conditions unless you want a disaster on your hands. But fiberglass is impervious to all acts of Mother Nature. Why? They’re built away in a specialized environment that’s protected from all the rigors of nature. Then they’re neatly carried to your home and installed in just weeks. You can often start swimming in your pool as early as day number two. But it requires a few more weeks to add the patio, the landscaping, and other additional features that most people just can’t live without.


Reason #3: They’re Tough


Fiberglass pools are incredibly durable. They are strong, impervious to punctures and damage. Your pets can’t damage the material or hurt themselves while playing in the pool. Best of all, despite being easily replaceable, you won’t need to replace them as often as vinyl or concrete pools. A durable pool is a serious cost-saver, and testing reveals that fiberglass pools are up to 17 times stronger than the average concrete pool.


Reason #4: They’re Low Maintenance


The specially-made gel-coat surface of a fiberglass pool is algae-resistant. It’s smooth and strong. It doesn’t have pores and cavities like concrete. There are no little spots and crevices for the bacteria to hide inside and fester while they spread and infect your pool. The surface actively resists algae and prevents them from sticking to the walls. A fiberglass pool allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool rather than fretting away and maintaining it.


Reason #5: Integrated Add-ons


The shell of the pool easily accommodates your desired aesthetics. You can incorporate seating and stairs smoothly into the overall design of your pool without unwanted complications. You don’t need to pay extra for these accessories, and they won’t detach at the worst moment. They’re built into the whole pool and act as one piece.

Reason #6: You’ll Never Need Acid Washing Or Liner Replacements


Vinyl pools require a liner replacement every couple of years. Concrete pools require an acid wash every few years. However, fiberglass pools don’t have this problem at all. Acid washes are necessary to remove staining, but they’re sometimes used as a last resort. Fiberglass pools don’t require acid washes at all when treated well.

Reason #7: Low Lifetime Costs


Fiberglass pools come with their costs upfront, unlike other pools. You’ll spend far less in the long run as they need minimal upkeep to keep things working spic and span. You won’t need to acid wash, replace the liner, or re-plaster the surface. All of which amounts to significant savings in cash. The coating of the pool also prevents algae from sticking to its surfaces, which means you save more time and money on cleaning equipment. You won’t need to vacuum your fiberglass pool as much as other pools, either.


Reason #8: Lower Heating Costs


Fiberglass pools have a great capacity to retain heat. Fiberglass is insulating and provides additional heating up to 8 degrees more than a standard liner pool. Increased insulation reduces your electricity usage, saves on water replacement costs, and keeps your pool waters warm during the icy winters. It takes money to heat a pool and the special nature of a fiberglass pool allows you to save on those costs.


Reason #9: Fiberglass Is Gentle On Your Feet


Fibreglass pools have gentle and soft surfaces. This needs experience to notice, as most new pool owners won’t be aware of this. Spending a large amount of time on concrete damages your feet and might even cause bloody toes. Not so with fibreglass pools. Your feet will thank you when playing on a fiberglass surface. Your kids won’t need to wear water shoes to protect their delicate feet. They won’t walk out of the pool with scratches on their limbs either. Fiberglass is smooth to the touch.


Reason #10: They’re Manufactured In A Special Environment


Fiberglass pools are designed in the controlled climate of a factory. The environment and atmosphere are tightly controlled to produce the toughest, strongest, smoothest, and slickest looking product. By going the extra mile, fiberglass pools are incredibly resistant to environmental changes and can tolerate a lot of damage before problems begin to appear. These engineering conditions allow you to pick and choose the pool according to your desires. You have unprecedented levels of control over what the final product looks like.


Reason #11: Fiberglass Pools Work Perfectly With Salt Chlorine Generators


Salt generators grow more popular by the day, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, salt wreaks havoc on concrete and metal surfaces. This is why several concrete pool builders forbid salt chlorinators on their pools. It ends up damaging the plaster finish, and they just can’t have that. But fiberglass pools work flawlessly and seamlessly with salt chlorine generators.


Reason #12: Incredible Variety


Fiberglass pools are modern. The stereotypical rectangle pool of yesteryear is gone. Now there’s a dizzying array of different selections of pool sizes. Some manufacturers boast nearly 40 different types of fiberglass pool shapes, with custom brick copings, tile, stone, and designs. Fiberglass pools are just as attractive as the traditional pool options and offer even more.

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